High temps on low overclock using TurboV Evo

First off here are my specs:

i7 860 - Currently running at 3.3
Corsair H60 cooling
8gb team elite 1333 ram
6970 2gb VGA
WD caviar blue 500gb drive
Antec Earthwatts 750w

My temps with this overclock using turbov get extremely high. i idle around 40c and when i run prime95 the temps will go to the 80's within the first 30% of the first run. Even without the overclock, the temps are around 28-30c and get to high 60-low 70c.

A couple questions as i'm sort of new to overclocking and havent got the balls to manually do it myself because i still dont know exactly what to do. Would i get better temps by manually overclocking in bios instead of using turboV? Does it matter? Or maybe i just have a faulty H60? I've re-pasted many times. Still the same temps. It's in a push-pull config as an intake. Thanks guys.
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  1. Overclock through the BIOS only it is very simple and yes it will cool you down a bit...Those temps are accurate for that cooler if your in a hot room...otherwise reseat the cooler and reapply some thermal paste....Follow the stickies at the top of the overclocking page for detailed instruction on how to OC that CPU
  2. Ok, built up some courage and tried it out. It seems like the temps are better, but im just going to check in and ask if these settings are ok..

    im going now at 3.46ghz at 1.192 v. is this sufficient?
    i ran prime and max was 70c under full load. could i go higher?
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