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Hi guys
Could you please give me some good configuration for a new system; it's majorly for video editing. I work around 8 hrs per day editing video. My budget is around 1000 dollars. pls see the sample configuration below and let me know your thoughts

Processor Intel Dualcore
Intel 35GB motherboard
Asus graphic card 9
Cabinet IBall
HardDisk 500GB
CD Rom HP 22x
Samsung monitor 22in
mouse, keyboard logitec
windows 7

the most important suggestion I expect from you are for :
Processor Intel Dualcore
Intel 35GB motherboard
Asus graphic card
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  1. Hmmm.. You might want to do more research and come up with specific parts. Try going to newegg and copying links of products you plan to buy into your post.
  2. I am not quite sure what you're asking but DO NOT get dual core. You basically want to get a system that fits into your budget with the fastest quad core you could get. I would try to get a build done with the i7 920 or i7 860. If those end up being out of your price range look at the i5 750 or a AMD 955/965.

    Forget about dual cores.
  3. Get a quad core and plenty of RAM.

    Also, look into whether your software supports GPU acceleration.
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