Fried my PC or power supply?

I was getting a system fan failure message so I went in and opened the PS and unplugged the power from the board to the fan (in the PS) then I blew it off and reinserted it THE SAME WAY, when I plugged in my puter again a spark shot out of the power strip that the computer was plugged no l.e.d. or power of any kind.

I am at the remove cmos batt stage.......will reboot in am

any other thoughts would be useful.
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  1. Looks like you fried your mobo. Check your PSU on some friend's PC and see if it boots. If it does, then your mobo is gone for sure.

    But before everything... some parts of your post i did not understand:
    1. What is PS? I have heard of PC, PSU but never a PS.
    then I blew it off and reinserted it THE SAME WAY

    What does this mean???
    I plugged in my puter again

    What is puter?
  2. try connecting straight into the wall rather than the powerstrip.
  3. thanks guys, I did try other outlets cords etc...sanity check is good.

    PS= power supply and if I have to type com in front of puter then I will.... ;)
    I blew off the connector from the POWER SUPPLYS fan that connects to the POWER SUPPLIES is a 2 wire cable with a 3 wire connector on it. In other words black and red wires come from the fan and go into a small connector with three holes in it and connect to a 3 pronged thing on the power supplies board. Now, if I turn it around the two wires are connecting to the same one in the middle but a different one on the side...make sense? BUT THAT IS NOT WHAT I DID, I CONNECTED IT THE SAME WAY....
    So, if I fried my mobo is my data toast also? say it aint so.

    I plan on trying a different PS first.....
  4. Before you go buying anything, treat it like a computer that won't boot:
    Our standard checklist and troubleshooting thread:
  5. not a boot issue. My power strip spit fire! Now what?
  6. First step is to directly plug it into the wall. If it works, great. If it doesn't, treat it like a computer that won't boot and start troubleshooting.

    Or you can blindly start buying and changing parts.
  7. I have. Thanks for the sage advice. :sleep:
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