What's up with 5850?

Hi, Im from Canada and Im lf a XFX Radeon HD 5850..maybe Asus Radeon HD 5850..do anybody know where I can find one? lol I received my new pc last week and I need this part! zZzZzZzZz Ty
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  1. Good luck. It's a well known fact that 5850 supplies are very low at the moment.
  2. newegg has them every now and then. pretty much you will have to camp in front of your computer or a store to get one... they sell like hotcakes.
  3. I visited Fry's twice last 2 weeks...they have the XFX in stock both time I visited. The price was quite high...$319.
  4. Canada Computers is all out of stock...

    Appearently if you order now, they will ship it as soon as it is in stock... if that will be anytime soon is anyone's guess.
    Same for NCIX.com
    tigerdirect.ca has nothing
    newegg.ca is all out of stock
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