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So i just got my first gaming computer built by myself outside of buying per-configured systems and i was wonder how this overclock looks for my GPU. I am currently running one Asus Gtx 570 Dc II card, currently overclocked Core Gpu to 840MHz, running stock core voltage at 1.025mV with memory clocked to 3900MHz. This is up from stock settings at 757MHz core, stock volt at 1.025mV and 3800 memory clock, my temps using furmark running 15minute test capped out max at 62*C. Is this good? suggestions?

15 Minute test on furmark no crashes, running some small play on minecraft, driver crashed after 20minutes of play, core voltage bumped to 1.038 in hopes for stability.
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    You will have to do trial & error, but my experience with the GTX 470 (and it seems to be consistent with Nvidia GPUs) is that it is easy to OC the GPU but problems arise when you try to OC the RAM. An OC on the memory from 3800 to 3900 gives you little gain, so I suggest that you ramp down the memory and try the GPU OC to see if you can isolate the problem.
  2. Actually, the memory bandwidth is what you need. You can push that clock up to 1000Mhz, but with no more memory bandwidth, you get no performance gain. I have done it with my GTX 460 1gb and experimented many times. Other people have said the same thing.

    Adding card voltage doesn't add voltage the memory, which is the limiting factor. You have to push that memory as far as possible and tune the core/shaders until the bandwidth isn't enough being provided by the memory.

    Anything is good on stock voltages, I mean, you are getting more performance! :) Add some voltage and see how far it will go. I run Furmark for 30 minutes to an hour checking on it periodically for artifacts.
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