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I built a desktop a year or two ago and i'm thinking about recycling the parts to build a modest htpc.
these are the parts i have :
intel core 2 duo e6300
WD 320gb hd
ati radeon x1900gt 256mb
antec 650watt psu
2x1gb corsair ddr2 800
i will mainly use this for music, pandora, and maybe a little bit of video, i was considering getting a blu ray drive for it but the main question is wether the x1900gt is suitable for blu ray, or even if the built in gma4500 graphics the motherboard im considering works well for blu ray?

I plan on getting this case, will my standard sized psu fit in it?

as of now i plan on getting this mobo:

i will either put vista or windows 7 on it, i have access to either for very cheap, which one is perferable for my limited uses?

in summation, if i want to get a blu ray drive will my current video card work, if not whats a decently inexpensive one i could get. and which OS would be perferable.

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  1. The G41 chipset on your linked motherboard does not support h264 decoding. The x1900gt does not either, I believe ATI added UVD in the HD2xxx series. Also, your x1900gt may not be HDCP compliant. You should double-check to be sure.

    I suggest you sell the x1900 and purchase an nvidia 9300/9400 motherboard like these two:

    Gigabyte GA-E7AUM-DS2H

    Go for Windows 7. The media center is more polished than Vista's.

    For BD drives, I'm very happy with my LG drive GBC-H20L, so that's the only one I can comment on.
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