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Built new rig with SSD as primary drive loaded with OS, drivers, docs, etc, and HDD as secondary drive for storage of games. Operating system Windows7 Ultimate (64bit) that I'm unfamiliar with.
Wierd problem had arisen, in that I had to uninstall the only game that I had on the secondary drive.
Under the list of programes in the 'Control Panel', it only lists the programes stored on the primary SSD drive, so I couldn't uninstall there.
Turning to 'All Programes', the uninstall button didn't work, and on exploring the disk in 'Computer', the 'Delete' button for sticking it in the 'Recycle Bin', tells me I can't bin it 'cos I have files open when I hadn't.
Had to resort to 'system restore' to a date before instation to solve problem, and that was OK to get me over the hitch at the time.
Somehow there must be access to a schedule of programes associated with the secondary HDD drive, that enables 'uninstall'.
Can any of you more knowledgable guys out there help me with this one?
Thanks in anticipation.
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  1. If you are in control pannel under add/remove programs or uninstall a program , then you should see all the programs that are installed on your computer no matter what hdd. I have the same setup and I just went in and on the list saw all the programs the are on the SSD and HDD. When you bring up computer , in the window aren't your hard drives listed on the left side ? Are all your HDD'S listed under Computer or is your HDD listed by itself ? Usually you will see Computer with a plus sign and if you click the plus sign then you will see the drives listed below Computer. When you click on the HDD it will show on the right side all the programs ?
  2. Thanks for the reply Inzone.
    Both drives show as they should in 'Computer', on the left it shows 'Local Disc (C) which is the SSD drive, and beneath that, the HDD drive labelled 'New Volume(F). Both subcatagories are correct as loaded. The contents of the (F) drive don't appear in the 'Programes and Features' list of the Control Panel' so can't be uninstalled.
    I'm wondering whether the heading 'New Volume' as opposed to 'Local Disc' suggests a recognition problem.
    Rather than being descriptive I'll try posting a screenshot, but I can't see how to upload it on this site.
    Tried earlier but crashed the reply message.
    Any idea how to upload the PNG?
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