Overclocking An AMD A8-3850 4ghz or higher

Hey Everybody,

I have the A8-3850 APU clocked @3.8ghz with a Corsair H100 cooling it, I was wondering if anybody else has pushed the fsb higher, making the clock speed 4ghz or higher, right now it idles at around 27 Degrees Celsius so cooling shouldn't be a problem.

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  1. There isn't a point of having an a8 at 3.8 or even 4. IMHO You should have spent less on cooling and gotten a higher end cpu.
  2. Yeah, Im not gonna get a APU when I upgrade next.
  3. I say leave the way it is. An A8 isn't a heavyweight in terms of CPU's so you wont see much of an improvement. I have seen someone get it up to 4.2ghz stable but I couldn't tell you what they did in terms of Voltage and such.
  4. The problem that there is a wall when it comes to the base clock and even when you get passed that the gpu becomes the limiting factor in overclocking with it's power consumption. The cpu by its self can crack 4ghz very easily and if the sample is a good bin it can go higher still. Since most of the bins are not as great as people thought or wished for most don't even get passed 3.6ghz and the few good low volt low amp bins end up in laptops that could have gone close to 5ghz with the unlocked multiplier only hit 3ghz in overclocking in laptops. In short there is a glass ceiling that will always be there to hold everyone back. The only way to push it higher is to keep it at ever lower temps and make sure the board can handle the power consumption.
  5. Thanks, Um I went to the graphics config awhile back and clocked it to 2000mhz so maybe thats whats holding it from the 4ghz cpu clock speed.
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