Need help with new harddrive

Lately my computer has been acting really slow, its freezes alot and also takes forever to open up things, i noticed that whenever the computer freezes or takes a long time to open something the hardrive light goes crazy and blinks fast so i think i need a new one.

I was looking to buy

Second, if i buy this new hard drive how would i transfer everything from the old one to the new one?

E8500 @ 3.2
4gb ram
gtx 560ti
640 hd @ 7200
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  1. I would be scaning for viruses.
  2. Do you do a disk cleanup and disk defrag regularly?

    Do you use anti-virus and anti-malware regularly? Do you update it and scan regularly?

    When's the last time you did a fresh windows install??

    Transferring data with viruses, malware, old framented files, old clogged up windows installation, etc would just give you the same issues with a new drive.
  3. i did all of that and it still runs slow, i was thinking of doing a fresh instal of vista 64bit on the new harddrive but im worried that nothing will work cause i wont have the nvidia drivers and all of that and also i have a dell xps 630 and i dont know if the CD they gave me would work on the new hardrive
  4. Sounds like you need to find a friend that has a bit more knowledge than you and have them do it for you.
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    naw man this bit is easy here, ill walk you through it, back up your files, pop in the windows cd, go into bios (usually F2) then go into boot up devices and change it from HD or the name of your hard drive to CD/DVD :) then follow the instructions, after that simply go to the video card manufacturer (this time its nvidias) website, find your card (usually they have a search option and make it easy) then follow the steps, its easy :)
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  7. thanks for that answer GEEK approved, thats why i ask this forum, so why dont you just stfu
  8. Interesting attitude. I'm sure it's gong to help you go far in life. BTW,

    go into bios (usually F2) then go into boot up devices and change it from HD or the name of your hard drive to CD/DVD :) then follow the instructions

    Del(ete) is usually the key to press, and you are going to hit a HUGE snag here. But I'm with geek on this one so I'll just shut up now.
  9. ah was my advice wrong? (besides the F2/delete thing) but basically a reformat is really easy guys, i dont see how i coulda messed up the instructions that bad...
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