Do I need 3 water coolers, fans, ERRR?!

I'm confused, I'm making a computer and the case will allow 3 fdans, x2 140mm, and x1 120mm.

Do I 1. Get 3 fans, no water cooling (I WILL BE OVERCLOCKING)
2. Get like 2 fans, one water cooler.
or 3 only get a water cooler. Or something else? Please help, I'm confusued on how this should work out.

P.S. Do I need heatsinks and are they already built onto the motherboard?

Thank you!!!
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  1. For water cooling, you still need 1 fan for cooling the radiator. What size you get depends on the water cooler. Then you can figure out what to do with the other 2 spots :)
  2. No, the heatsink is attached to the Cpu, if it came already mounted then you would have to remove it to mount the Cpu first then apply thermal paste before seating the Hs,
    how much cooling power you need is determined by how extreme you plan on overclocking,
    and/or how mental you are about low temps :)
    for mild clocks the standard Hs is fine, for harder stuff you will need an aftermarket high performance or water set up,
    with water/liquid you have two basic options, an allineone set up like corsairs H50/60/70/100, or real water loops, which can end up costing more than your rig hehe
    only you can decide how far you are willing to go and how much you can spend on cooling, but an aftermarket like the Hyper212+ is a cheap enough good option,
    more fans can be added to your case btw, what is your case (pic of internal would be good)
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