She's dead, Jim. EVGA 680i error of death? Code: "--"

I woke up this morning, turned my rig on, and.....nothing. I had a look at the motherboard's LED and there's just a "--". I have an EVGA 680i A1 board. This happened to me once before, it was last summer. I go through the usual troubleshooting steps. CMOS reset, remove battery, remove RAM, turn off PSU, unplug, power button to discharge electricity, wait a few hours, CMOS jumper back to normal, replace battery, put one RAM module in the slot furthest from the CPU. The LEDs on the RAM modules show that they're working. They go nuts for a few seconds, then settle down at which point the computer is able to be turned on, but same "--" error. I reboot and try again. Nothing. I brought her back from the dead once before, but this time it seems like these steps aren't working. I try the steps in a different order, like resetting the CMOS while the PSU is on. Nothing. I put different RAM modules in that slot, put a few in, put all of them in all the slots. Nothing. I'm thinking she's really dead this time???

If so, what board would you recommend I buy to replace her in the meantime? Preferably, I'd like another 680i, but they're not for sale any longer. I overclock. I was planning on building a brand new rig sometime between June and September and I was going to use this one for another purpose. So I would like to replace the mobo anyway. I'm willing to spend around 100$US/80£ for something solid. Here are my specs for the current rig:

EVGA 680i A1
E6600 @ 3.2 Ghz
4 GB DDR2 800 Mhz (Corsair XMS)
SB X-Fi with I/O module
I do use eSATA and have a lot of USB devices

I appreciate your help and fast reply in this matter. It's crucial that I order something and get her back up and running ASAP!


Edit: I should also mention that all the lights on the motherboard come on, the case fans and CPU fan spin up. The odd thing is that the video card's fan does not spin up, it sort of twitches a bit like every 10 seconds or so, but never spins. I've never had PSU problems before so I don't think it's that, but I'm not sure. I have had the feeling over the last week that something with my computer hasn't been right, but I blamed it on Windows 7 x64...

Edit 2: I just took the entire thing apart AGAIN, cleaned everything well, got rid of all dust, reseated everything including the CPU, checked all the connections, still the same thing. I'll try and test it with a different PSU tomorrow if I'm lucky and can borrow one.
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  1. What PSU do you use?
  2. OCZ GameXStream 700W that's approximately 3.5 years old now.
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