Cannot Install Samsung SSD on Asus notebook

I have an Asus k72f notebook, which I tried to install a samsung MZ-5PA256 ssd. I tried using a windows 7 boot dvd, and I get the error "Required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing." I used USB boot, changing startup orders, changing from AHCI to IDE, and asus driver CD. all of this got the same error.
When I did use a flash drive with Asus Drivers on it during installaiton, and would say "device not found check drivers and try again" when I ran ones that showed up.

Been working on this for a while now. Is there some way to get this to work?? Thanks for you help.
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  1. The issue you are having is very weird as the most common issue is the configuration of the sata interface (AHCI-IDE) not sure what you are suffering from here what drivers are you loading into the windows script? also is there any bios upgrade for the ASUS laptop maybe upgrade? Might solve an issue. Maybe mail ASUS support they might have an idea.
  2. hey Pilk thanks for the response. I tried both IDE and AHCI several times and it didnt work. I loaded a bunch of Asus sata divers and windows would not take them. BIOS is the most recent version, and Asus/samsung support were no help. Ugh, nothing seems to work for this. :(
  3. Ok im sure we can work it out please post the part number of the asus laptop on here so i can take a look at the preloaded drivers to make sure. Also please mail this forum user, he specializes in drives hes very good (WyomingKnott) he might have an idea.
  4. By part number do you mean model number? or serial number?

    the Model number is K72F-A1.

    Thanks a lot for your help.
  5. Hey aldridhi have just spoken to retiredchief who had the same problem he gave up in the end and ended up using an Intel SSD which worked flawlessly. He says you should upgrade the firmware on the actual drive, so head on to Samsungs website and upgrade the firmware on the drive, i will look into the laptop now.
  6. OK just took a look at the driver support, so the BIOS version you are using is the 211 version? The controller package you need to incorporate into the install is the:

    Intel Matrix Storage Manager
    Intel Matrix Storage Manager for Win7 32 bit

    its in drivers under other give that a try and let me know how it goes.
  7. I loaded those drivers first in AHCI mode, and got this as the compatible one:

    Intel(R) PCHM SATA AHCI Controller 4 Port (iaAHCI.inf)

    that didnt work, so I tried RAID (iaStor.inf) and that didnt work either.

    I also swtiched to IDE and did the same things with no luck.
  8. Oh and I checked the samsung firmware, and it is up to date
  9. Hey aldridhl im out of ideas then its probably incompatibility with the drive and the laptop i would gather as you have done everything correctly no faults with that, i would return the drive because of incompatibility issues and try another brand like Intel, thats all i can think of up until now, as you are not the only one who has not solved this problem everybody else has resorted to buying another SSD drive.
  10. I agree- I'll look into that. Thanks a bunch man.
  11. I think you have a different problem than I did.
    My SSD was a Agility III (Plug & PRAY) SSD. Laptop was a samsung RF711.
    Your Samsung 470 is a sata II drive which have much less problems. Although it may be a compatability issue, Here are some suggestions.

    If you do not have Samsungs Magicain software I recommend you download it.
    Here is a Link to the manual:

    One of the problems is that most users when they have an initial problem do not go back and delete ALL partition using custom install. For SSds it also may require a secure erease to clear the SSD. Read secure erease in manual.

    Laptops have a limited bios (locked). The manual for your SSD says to set to SATA and AHCI. I would think that you should have been OK with the default msahci driver. and then been able to load the Intel RST 10.6. However if you need the "F6" driver I would get that from INtel, not Asus.
    Just select operating system and the first driver listed should be the "F6" version 10.6 (earilier version did have some problems with newer SSds).
    Hopefully this works, and if so you need to also download the RST ver 10.6 also for after windows is installed.

    Does your laptop have the newest bios: I think it is 211 dtd Apr 14, 2011.
  12. There you go retired chief was waiting for you to make an appearance =) He already has the latest bios with regards to the laptop aswell as the SSD drive. Thanks for the input im sure it will help him a bit.
  13. Hey, I finally got something to work. I cloned my original disk (using data migration software and SATA-usb cable) as a workaround. I couldnt install windows directly.
  14. So is it booting with the SSD now? If so must have been some pre-installed drivers that needed to be installed?
  15. I'm not sure, but could be. I used a lot drivers from ASUS and Intel, and nothing would work.
  16. this shows you how to do it properly
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