OPver clocking a AMD 6850

I cant find the auto tune button in the new control center. But in the overdrive tab I set my GPU clock settings from 775 to 850. And memory clock settings from 1000 till 1100. And put the fan speed at 100%. Played game for 2 hours and its didnt go over 42 C for Temp. I alt tabbed out and opened the control center and looked.

I gained about 30 fps doing this. But There use to be more settings. But I cant find them nor the auto tune button. Can anyone help?
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  1. Use Msi Afterburner.
  2. Ok how much heat should I get up to? Is it ok to run 100 fan speed all the time?
  3. You shouldn't need to run 100 fan all the time. As long as it's under 80C you should be fine.
  4. OK...825 core clock and 1125 mem clock at 1680x1025 I got up to 70C in 5 minutes. Is this good? I cant get the core clock up any more. Can/Should I increase more? This was with 80 fan speed.

    Also I tried to max the settings just to see what I got

    825 core clock
    1200 mem clock
    100 fan speed.

    Got up to 67C in 6 minutes...

    also is it ok To take the overclock off when not gaming?
  5. The card will downclock itself when you aren't gaming.
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