Help with i7-920 Heat Issue?


i7-920 (NOT overclocked)
Asus p6t deluxe v2
12gb Corsair XMS (2gbx6)
Nvidia 285 (NOT overclocked)
CoolerMaster Cosmo 1000 Case
Corsair H50 CPU Cooler (installed properly with air flowing into the case)
Corsair 850w PS

Initial issue was random reboots and freezes - replaced power supply and installed Corsair H50 Cooler yesterday. So far I have not had any further issues.

However, as I sit here this CPU Temp is 52C, which seems VERY high especially in light of the cooler. The case has two top fans for exhaust, one fan in bottom blowing in, and of course the fan for the H50 radiator - which was installed yesterday. I ran the Everest stress test for about 30 minutes, pushing CPU temp to 74C. Motherboard is hovering around 49C.

I had planned on some overclocking, but these temps seem way high for idle. Are they? Suggestions?? Help!??
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  1. Yes, those temperatures are way to high, especially for a water cooled system. The problem is not in the case fans, the problem is inadequate heat transfer between the processor and the water side of the cooler. Make sure you have good contact between the interface, just like you would in an air-cooled system.

    Have you got air trapped in the H50 system? You need to recheck your H50 because something is not working right. Please report back what you find. Good luck.
  2. Thanks for the reply...I'm not sure how to check the H50. I'm at their website/forum right now. Suggestions are welcome and helpful!
  3. Also, case is open now, with MB Temp of 43C. Does that seem high as well?

    Tightened screws on H50 a bit, but idle remains about 52C.
  4. What program are you using to monitor your temperatures?

    I trust HWMonitor from You can download it for free from here:
  5. CPUID, Everest Ultimate, & Asus PC Probe II. They all show the same temps :(
  6. I've never used the Corsair H50, however I've seen quite a few threads on Tom's with users having high temps on i7 CPUs. LOL Doesn't inspire me much with regards to the H50. Although I suppose there's some level of user error. I'd imagine even a cheap water cooler should be doing better than this.

    HWMonitor is fairly good for monitoring temps. I'd trust it's results. Would also recommend Real Temp or CoreTemp if you ever wanted to change monitoring programs.

    Have you tried reseating the H50? Actually removing, cleaning it off, reapplying thermal paste, and then installing again?
  7. Thanks for the reply. Ya, I know the i7's run hot, but this seems crazy!

    I just yanked it, cleaned it, and applied arctic silver. Also added a second fan to the radiator.

    Load temps (using everest) came down to 65C, and idle came down to about 45C - both of which seem high based on the reviews this thing had. I'm hoping that after the arctic silver has had a chance to work its magic, I'll see better results.

    I also opened a ticket with Corsair, as I guess I expected temps at 40C or lower at idle.

    Thanks again for the reply, most appreciated.
  8. The H50 is rubbish, that's why. You just can't cool an i7 with a single 120mm radiator. That being said, your temps are a little high even for the H50 so it would be interesting to see what Corsair say.

    Unless you spend the money on a proper watercooling setup, you just can't beat quality air cooling, and it won't be any louder than the H50 you have.

    If you really have trouble and you're not overclocking, grab a Cogage True Spirit (half the price of the H50) and enjoy some cool and quiet running - it'll even handle a 3.6GHz+ overclock too!
  9. I have the H50 and my temps are between 32-38 on idle and 70 on Load. It's decent but it doesn't beat the Prolimatech Megahelems. 28 idle and 57 Load. both with push/pull fans.
  10. Well, I sent H50 back to newegg and re-installed my Noctua air cooler (with one fan). Temps were good again. I switched my case to the Silverstone Raven 2(from Cosmo 1000 which i loved). Temps are WAY lower now. Thanks for the help and advice.
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