Intel DZ68BC overclock w/2500k

Hello all, i'm looking for someone to help me out with overclocking my 2500k.

I have an Intel DZ68BC motherboard, and there is not a lot of info about how to overclock with this motherboard. Because I am new to overclocking, I am wondering if anyone can post a guide or help me out with overclocking my 2500k on the dz68bc specifically. Heres some of my system build...

Intel DZ68BC
Intel Sandy Bridge 2500K
8Gb Crucial Ballistix Ram
Geforce GTX 560Ti


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  1. Unfortunately this does not help me a lot. The BIOS with this motherboard is a lot different from ASUS or Gigabyte.
  2. Still the same stuff. Just punch in the numbers.
  3. Not the same stuff at all actually. This motherboard BIOS is VERY confusing. Most of the options are either greyed out so I cannot select them or not there, which is why I wanted someone with experience with the motherboard I have.
  4. In the section "Performance" the first option is "Overclocking Assistant" - select it an you will have two options: "Automatic" and "Manual". If you select "Automatic" you will see more options regarding the CPU frequency, RAM settings and so on. The easy way for you (if you are new in overclocking) is to leave it on "Automatic" and only change the CPU frequency - you will see a few presets, starting from 3.8 GHz up to 4.5 GHz. I would suggest you to select a value lower than 4.2 GHz, because the motherboard automatically change the voltage of the CPU (at 4.2 it will give you a maximum voltage of up to about 1.38 V, which is pretty high but still OK). Just be sure to have proper cooling (the stock one will not do).
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