HIS H467PS1GH Radeon HD 4670 iSilence4 1GB


Can I game with this video card?

Does someone have this card?
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  1. It's a good card for gaming on resolutions under 14x9.
  2. Yes you can game, just dont raise the settings too high and have too large of a resolution.

    First of all the card is not overly powerful, and secondly it could over heat since it has no fan.

    So take it easy!
  3. actually, the card shouldn't overheat if there's over 10cfm pushing around in the case. The heatsink on the isilence is HUGE
  4. Ok my resolution is 1600x900. The heat sink is HUGE on this.

    Anyone own this card?
  5. I have setup computers with similar cards (4670 512mb DDR3) and they game pretty good up to 1650x1080, even in older pre-phenom dual core AMD rigs. But those ones had fans. make sure you have some sort of airflow in your case for this one.
  6. I have an AMD 945. The 95 watt version.
  7. Your CPU will not limit the performance of that card.
  8. 1GB is a waste on a 4670. Get the 512MB version on Newegg that I saw for like $36 USD after mail-in rebate... You can get an HD 4850 for $100.
  9. brockh said:
    1GB is a waste on a 4670. Get the 512MB version on Newegg that I saw for like $36 USD after mail-in rebate... You can get an HD 4850 for $100.

    What he said. If your PSU is weak though, the 4670 is attractive, as it is powered entirely off the Mobo, and is rather stingy with it use of electricity. With that CPU you could definitely get a lot more game for your buck with a 4850, provided your PSU isn't a dodgy low power no name brand unit.
  10. Correct, Here is my set-up and you tell me if it will play games well.

    Cooler Master Scout Case

    Asus 790X Motherboard

    AMD Phenom X4 945 (95Watt)

    4GB G-Skill DDR3 ram w/heat spreader.

    HIS ATI 4670 video card Zalman

    Western Digital "black Edition" 640gb hard drive. 32MB Cache

    Corsair 550 power supply

    Windows 7 premium

    Professional wire management
  11. Anyone Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
  12. It will play most any game fine, so long as you do not require high settings or anti-aliasing
  13. Anti-Aliasing?

    How does the rig look over all?
  14. Anti-aliasing is a higher-end graphical setting that sharpens edges.

    Your machine is great, with the lowest part being the graphics card. If I were in your situation, I would save up money to buy a higher-end card, therefore eliminating the need to upgrade for the next year or so.
  15. I'm still gonna have to recommend getting an HD 4850 with a non-reference cooler... The same price with better performance and I really doubt it's gonna make that much noise.
  16. The Vapor-X 4850 is a pretty nice non-reference cooling solution!
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