My new watercooled case

I took the photo's from my iPhone so sorry about the image quality. I have a new CPU block and resivor which I can now run my i7 950 at 4GHz at around 60c. here is my temps after 10minutes testing.

My changes are from a Danger Den CPU block to the XSPC Raystorm CPU block and switched from the swiftech MCRES Micro Rev. 2 to PrimoChill - Typhoon Split Window - Single Bay dual loop.
My pump and rad is the same.
Pump Danger Den DD-CPX Pro 12V.
And the rad is Swiftech MCR220-XP eXtreme Performance Dual 120mm Slim Radiator.

For some reason my pump is more noiser than before. I think it may be because I used regular mounting tap from walmart instead of a ruber pad but I don't mind it as I'm going to be doing another loop for my GPU in my Silverstone Tj07 case in about 6 months.
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  1. Your pump is probably noisier than before because you may not have bled all the air out, keep an eye on it everytime you flush/change out/clean the loop

    and no need to apologise for the image quality, I'm sorry you have to have an
    I-phone, :P
    is that 60'c at load? whats your room temp there? you should be lower than that on water imo
  2. right now colder than downsairs. lol. Anyways this is the first gen CPU. My temps in my room though could be around 50-60F.
  3. post in the club!
  4. I was able to get up to 4.37GHz for about 5 minutes testing and it crashed but my temps stayed in the low 70c. My other water block would have been nearly 90c. a definate sign of improvmen in the Raystorm Versis the DD-MPC-CPU block. I did how ever got to get a CPUz evaluation that's in my new sig. I was able to boot up at 4.4GHz but with not able to get into windows I did not want to break somthing as I need this computer for about a year or so more before my anual 2 year upgrade. I did take more pictures of my case.

    Right now I'm going to be at 4GHz 24/7
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