Did my M3A79-T Deluxe motherboard fail?

I'm a brand new PC builder. Long story short, I plugged things into random places (the speaker, the PowerSW and stuff) and booted and I heard two small explosions in my case.

I properly connected everything today after reading the manual. Here's the situation.

1)PSU used to power up, and all the fans in the PC used to power up until I removed my video card
2)i fixed that by removing my video card.

If I press the power button, nothing works. I removed the PowerSW from the motherboard and used a metal conductor to connect the pins, but nothing happened. On my motherboard, there's two small lights. A power and a reset, and they're both lighted up. I tried pressing either of those but NOTHING happens. I disconnected everything but the motherboard power connector (the big one + the 4 block) and the two 4 blocks for the CPU power. Still doesn't work.

This is driving me nuts. I finally upgraded from a Pentium 4 and was very excited, and this happens...Can anyone tell me if the motherboard is busted?
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  1. Welcome to THG Diamons.

    Open your manual to page 2-20 and you will see the placement of the pins to clear the CMOS, they call it CLRTC. Move the little blue pin cover from left to right (pins 1 and 2 over to pins 2 and 3) for 10 seconds or so. Then try powering up.
    If it's still a no go, turn to page 2-33 where you will find the "System panel connector". In the diagram you will see Panel, the 2 connections labeled PWRSW and RESET they may need to be flipped over, this was the case for me.

    It should fire-up now. After you get it up and running, with the side-case off stick you ear close to listen for any hissing or high pitched squealing, just to make sure you didn't blow any capacitors.
  2. Thanks for the support' unfortunately that didn't work. Keep in mind the motherboard has a power switch built in and that itself is not booting the system.
  3. remove those pins and also remove the battery leave it off over night and see what happens. if nothing happens try removing and reinstalling your video card. if still nothing happens, remove all the ram sticks, and see what happens. most likely you will get some kind of beeping codes. look in your manual and see what they mean. if it tells you there is no memory installed then insert one stick of ram only and do it again. the beeping should stop. now remove the video card and it should do the same thing. if you get the code which tells you that the card is not installed then reinstalled and see what happens. if nothing works then most likely your power supply is out for good. if it does work swap all your memory one at a time and see if that's the problem. most likely it's not...ram is very robust these days. hope this helps.
  4. almost forgot, once you remove the battery and the pins make sure the power plug is unplugged from the wall.
  5. Thanks! However nothing turns on, not een the psu fan so I doubt the speaker would make noise
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