How can I get my computer to read my external hard drive

Hello,I've got an internal hard drive with enclosure casing and it came from a windows xp computer. I'm using it in my laptop which is windows vista and I can get my files to pop up with administration access but when I open the file it says there's an error and it won't open or I don't have access when i just gave my computer permission. Does it not work because the hard drive came from a different version or is it something different where I can get my files with no problem.
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  1. you may need to take ownership or change file access permissions. this is done in the security tab of the properties dialog box. you want the administrator accounts on your computer to be the owners of the files and have read/write permissions.

    its possible you have some bad sectors on the drive if it says it cant find the data. try doing a chkdsk /r /f {drive letter of external]: in comand prompt
  2. Thanks for your help but I figured out my problem. My hard drive is password protected and I already have some one to lift it off for me. Thanks any way though. :)
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