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I've been trying to open an internet explorer window for the past hour and the outline of a window comes and then closes. It looks like a pop up that got blocked except its internet explorer being blocked. I tried going to the task manager and starting a new task and putting in explorer.exe and my documents comes up eerytime. I don't know why the My Documents folder is coming up and i need to find out how to fix this please help
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  1. You can right click on IE and select "Open without Add-ons" - I'm betting that works.

    What verison of IE are you using? You're going to need to uninstall down to the previous version.
    The backdoor trick:

    Go to C:\windows\ie8\spuninst or IE7, IE6, etc. Under the last folder, you can run the uninstall there. If a older version than IE8, you may not get the executable. Rename the .txt file (spuninst.txt) to spuninst.CMD or spuninst.BAT. Double click on it and it'll downgrade IE to the previous verion. You can go ahead and upgrade it again.
  2. First, I tried to upgrade from IE7 to 8 and after restarting the computer, IE wont open.. Internet options on control panel won't open and it won't let me go to previous restore point. so i rebooted the computer with OS disk. It went back to IE6 so I tried again to upgrade to 7.. IE won't open. Deleted 7 so the computer automatically went to IE 6.. Why am I having trouble upgrading. How can I fix it?
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