KSOD blackscreen and mouse

Ok so i my windows 7, is getting stuck in a black screen and mouse only (even the advanced options like safe mode, last known good config etc..) I have tried plenty of things to try getting it fixed:
1. Have done startup repair (but it continually says, if you have recently attached a device to this computer, such as camera.....)
2. Have done chkdsk both /f and /r
3. have done /fixmbr,/fixboot,/rebuildbcd (in recovery console cmd)
4. tried to systemrestore but it says i dont have any restore points
5. have gotten access to cmd in ksod state and tried
i)opening msconfig and unchecking windows event collector and windows event log from the services
ii)renaming old logs file and making new one
iii)tried opening explorer.exe and rstrui.exe to no avail
iv)opened regedit and went to HKEY_local machine/software/microsoft/WindowsNT/Currentversion/winlogon checked the right pane for "shell" and see if explorer.exe is the only thing there, it was
6. took out my main video card, the internet wire, my other harddrive (with windows xp), and my speakers. Oh and i have a passoword for my acoount before login, does this affect anything??? so yah any help????
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  1. Hi yety124, it sounds to me like your Windows installation has become corrupted, which is why you cannot log on even in safe mode.

    Not sure, but you may have to do a fresh install of Windows 7. :-(

    Ps, if you can get to desktop in safe mode, uninstall the display driver and shutdown and reboot. This may help, if so, re-install the display driver and see if problem is still there.
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