Core 2 duo E5200 or core 2 quad Q8400

i have a core 2 duo o/c to 3.63 and i was thinking about getting the core 2 quad Q8400 @ 2.66 stock and wasnt shure if i would get better or same performance any advice?
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    What are the purposes of your build? If you're just a gamer/casual user then the core 2 is fine, but if you plan on doing epic multitasking/video editing you might consider the quad. Personally I'd suggest that you wait until you have more money (and your computer is no longer doing what you want it to) and upgrade to an i5/i7 build. The 775 platform is basically dead now and I would advise you not to get another one of those chips.
  2. well money is not an issue but the computer is a bit edgy and slow i do alot of diffrent web pages at 1 time and a few online games ive started getting into world of warcraft and im going to start going to collage so i was thinking the quad may be better...or is the edgy speed possibly my ram i have the g-skill 4-4-4-12 but on cpuz it shows 5-4-4-12 and thats o/c to 500mhz its 2gig ram dual channel.. any advice?
  3. To be honest, I don't know a whole lot about DDR2 RAM, but if you do have about $800 - $1000 to spend you could definitely put together a new i5 build that will blow the pants off of the machine you have now.
  4. thanks i decided on the antec 900 2 case and a cheep liquid cooling brought me up to a 3.7 from 2.5 stock with max temps at 56 c
  5. what is the highest safe temp does anyone know?
  6. I'd say no higher than 65c on max load.
  7. shawn what mobo have you got there?
  8. Reynod said:
    shawn what mobo have you got there?

    i have the lanparty DK P35 Dark (DFI) with an 8800 gts grafix and the antec 900 2 case with corsair h50 cooling
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