GPU temp reaches 100c!

Hey guys.
I've had my laptop for over a year now, and a few months ago, my graphics card temp just went through the roof.
I have checked the fan (yes, I only have 1) in my laptop, and it's working just fine.

The temp goes up near 100c while I'm gaming, but when the computer is idle, SpeedFan tells me that my GPU is 77c, HDD is 39, Core0 is 65 and Core2 is 67.

My graphics card is an nVidia 8600 GT, and cpu an intel core2duo 2.4 GHz.

Have you got any idea how I can get the temp back to normal?

-- Søren from Denmark
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  1. Whoa thats hot.....Remove the back panel and clean dust off the fan....there are external usb cooling pads available...jus get one of those and fit it to the bottom....that should bring down the temperature.....
  2. I have done that. The fan is clean and fully functioning.
    I know there are cooling pads, and I'm looking for one. I just don't have the money right now ;-)
  3. have you tried different monitoring software? I usually use GPUz for a quick look at temps, and it's pretty accurate I think
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