Cooler for I5 and cooler master Elite 343

Hi everyone,
Thanks for all the help.

So, I built my new pc and everything went together smoothly but I want to add an aftermarket cooler. So, I can do some over clocking.

I have a corsair H50 from a previous build but I don't know if it will work with it.
The front of the case has a 120mm fan but I don't know if the tubes will reach that far.

I'm willing to do air cooled as long as it isn't rediculously loud

I want to add a few storage harddrives once the prices come down a little.

Case: Cooler Master Elite 343 - max height of cooler 148mm
CPU: I5 2500K1
Mobo: Gigabyte Z68MA-D3H-B3
Ram: Corsair Vengence 8GB - these are really tall!!!!!
SSD: OCZ Agility 3 120GB
VGA: Zotac 560 Ti
PSU: Corsair GAming Series 800w
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  1. The Hyper 212 is a very popular air cooled choice. Depending on which memory slots you have your RAM in you may have clearance issues though with the finned RAM.
  2. I have 2 of the ram slots filled but want to eventually fill the other two.

    I thought the Hyper 212 was too tall, for this case???
  3. Hyper 212 is 160mm it won't fit in the case. Case max size for cooler is 148mm. I would like something even shorter if I add a side fan.
  4. The 212 should barely fit the case. If I remember correctly davcon has the exact same case and his 212 fit it.
  5. amuffin said:
    The 212 should barely fit the case. If I remember correctly davcon has the exact same case and his 212 fit it.

    No bud! i have a 430 with a 212+ in it.
    OP i would seriously consider a better case for your level of gear.
    Your components are high-end mid level and the case is budget.
    Cooling options are terrible = 3 fan mounts one 120mm and two 90mm
    Be good for Granny but sub-standard for a gaming build.
    If that case is what you're going to stick with the best you can do is a CM TX3.
    You can overclock to 4.0GHz easily and safely with the stock cooler btw.
  6. Oh well! Too many model names to remember :D
  7. Mmmm, well I was going to go with the thermaltake a30 but they were out of stock at microcenter and I was buying all the parts at once so I needed a case.

    Can you recommend me a case about the same size. Or another cube one. I wanted the smallest case imcan get. And still be able to sli later on and add a few hard drives. Something I can use my older h50 in would justify a new case

    Perferably the case is in stock at the Cambridge

    Thanks for all the help. Should have spend a few more minutes on case selection. But I could still return it.

    And if a case has esata in the front that would be cool. When I go sli I'll have to remove my esata card which is attached to my sans disk tower raid

    Thanks again,
  8. Classic Series Source 210
    Bigger case then you might want but will be able to provide proper cooling.(6) Fan Bays
    Wide enough for 212+
  9. Not a bad case but to big. It's a full size ATX.

    Need to find just a slightly wider mATX case. If possible
  10. atx cases can fit matx mobo's.
  11. I no the mobo will fit but just want something smaller. Don't need all those extra slots and the case I have now will hold everything plus more hdd. It's just not quite wide enough for the 212 cooler
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