Bypass jumper settings on IDE Drive?

is there a way to bypass the jumper settings on an IDE drive? i have one set to slave the other set to master, i also just got a 1tb spinpoint right and i want to use the ides as backup and the new one as main. however because of the length of the cables it would be an enormous effort to do (took me quite a while last time) since i have 2 and they need to be in just the right position and you need to have the drives all the way in to make 'em fit (the cord)

ok so, is there a way or do i really have to go through all that again :) my case is a HaF 912 btw
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    im not sure what you are asking... plugging in a cable and moving a jumper is not a lot of work. you can only put 2 drives on a single IDE cable. you can put all your drives to CS (cable select) instead of slave and master so you can plug them into the cable in any order.
  2. Ah, im sorry i shoulda updated this, i know its not a big deal normally but the way i had my drives in i would have to take off both case panels + cables, etc... anywho i got it working, selecting you as best answer since your the only answer :)
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  4. winning by default :( *tear* glad to hear its all going.
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