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Hey Guys,

Very quick question. Should afterburner be showing that my GPU usage on my Sapphire reference 7970 is up to 85% just because I am basically surfing the net, and not playing games etc?!

Am I just being paranoid?! It does come back down to zero when completely idle and the temp is only 65 degrees,

I have it OC'd to core voltage 1131, Core Clock 1050, and the memory clock 1500. I have the latest AMD Driver installed 12.2. All my games are fine no errors of any kind, and no problems in 3D Mark 11 either with very respectable scores.

I am just wondering if this is normal or not, and if not, what could be the cause?!

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  1. 85% seems high. I bet it is just getting a bad reading. If games play well, you are probably fine. Is the idle temps 65C?! That is really high if it is C and not F.
  2. Hey HostileDonut,

    Thanks for the response, it just seems to jump up whenever I use the internet, for example it is now saying GPU use is at 87% and the temp is 57 degrees C? I have used practically all of the 7970 beta drivers, and am using Afterburner 2.2.0 Beta 12. I have used older versions of this also and had lots of different readings.

    Can background programs be a problem? I recently installed Avast Pro and the icon in the system tray seems to spin every single time I do something?! I am just clutching at straws here, being really rather a noob, but I don't want there to be anything wrong with my new GPU!!

    Any advice, greatly appreciated, and is Afterburner known for giving false readings?

  3. No problem. What is the temperature when it says it is idling?
  4. At idle, if for example I leave it alone for a minute or 2, the temp drops to around 55 degrees. Is that OK?
  5. Actually it drops to and stays at 47 degrees after roughly 3-4 minutes.
  6. Well browsers now have gpu acceleleration...
  7. amuffin said:
    Well browsers now have gpu acceleleration...

    But would it bring it down 18C? That seems like a lot.
  8. That doesnt seem right, what does the ati catalyst control center read?? that would be a more reliable source.... and for a 22nm graphics card i would expect temps of 30-40 degrees on idle.
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