AMD FX-Series FX-8120 Zambezi 3.1GHz

Hi, I have a AMD FX-Series FX-8120 Zambezi 3.1GHz and was wondering how do I go about overclocking. Ive never over clocked before.

My settings are:
AMD 6850 overclocked
8 gigs of ram
600 watt psu

Is it ok to overclock this?
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  1. You should get good cooling though. What is your CPU cooler?
  2. GIGABYTE GA-M68MT-S2P motherboard. Stock cooling. Im not asking for a ton of overclock. Just some to get me started on how to do it. Is it possible to overclock and be safe on the stock cooling?
  3. For 24/7 use, keep the temps around 60C +/- a few degrees. The stock cooler won't get you far, as you may be close to that already.

    You have the take the multiplier higher. You have a 200Mhz FSB (front side bus) and that is multiplied by the multiplier. 200Mhz x 15.5 multiplier gives you 3.1Ghz. You have to set that multiplier higher. So, to get 3.2Ghz, set the multiplier to 16 instead of 15.5. If you get a crash, add voltage. Adding too much voltage can kill the CPU, and adding voltage adds heat. Test the CPU with Prime95 for 6 hours to ensure stability while monitoring temps and voltages with Hardware monitor.

    You voltage should not be set past 1.5v I think. I would stay under 1.45v for long life.

    So, take the multiplier up, add small amounts of voltage if you get a crash (.01v), and go from there. Remember, too much voltage can kill the CPU, and for 24/7 use don't go past 60C +/- a few degrees.

    What is your OC target?
  4. As of now I dont have a OC target. Anything better then stock for now. Ive never done it before and was wanting to try it out...

    I was going to try out this method.
  5. Well, I don't really have time to watch the video, but yeah, just tune the multiplier not the FSB.
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