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Hello guys,

One of my desktops has stopped working while I was away and it will no longer post, when I boot the machine, the PSU/CPU fans are going, but no display is output on either VGA or HDMI(even though that is digital) and when I connect a mouse to the back USB port it isn't powered so I'm pretty sure at this point the mobo is dead.

The computer is the Acer AM5640.

So what I'm trying to do is obviously buy a new one but a few things have me stumped as to what I need to get. One being the front panel connector which is just a 'huge' harness and it doesn't let me put single switches anywhere so that's the first problem.

Another problem I'm having is that this particular model has a bunch of connections on the face of the tower, firewire, usb, audio, card reader etc.

Most mobos only have 2 onboard usb connections and the current dead one has 3 + a firewire + audio. So basically I wouldn't be able to hook every connection back up again with most motherboards available on Newegg & such.

Here are some pictures for reference of my mobo:
Main Mobo

(I've never installed a mobo before but it can't be very difficult)

Mobo should be (Intel LGA 775, Micro-Atx, DDR2, integrated graphics is fine..not a gaming desktop @all)

What I found:

So how would I deal with the missing connections / how to wire the f_panel?
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  1. This Intel board might work -- has 3 USB headers:

    Also this ECS board G45T-M2 (V1.0A) -- has 4 usb headers:

    When changing motherboards the connector for front panel on/off and reset buttons don't match up. You may have to remove the wires/pins from the old connector and just plug them directly onto the pins on the motherboard. I had to do this once and used a sewing needle to remove the pin connectors from the old plastic connector.

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