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Hello i'm new here so excuse me if i am writing in the wrong section or's been a week since i had my pc delivered and i can't really understand what is the problem. I've tried to install windows 7 but during the installation a blue screen appeared and i had to restart. I repeated the process numerous times using both win 7 and vista ,just in case the problem was the os. The installation almost every time failed and the error code in the blue screen was different almost every time. Finally after days of trying i managed to complete the process and installed win 7. While trying to install everything and set up my pc blue screens kept appearing. So i took the advice of a friend and installed windows xp in order to find the problem. The installation was successful and now no blue screens appear. However, almost every application or game i try to run fails and has to shut down. Another strange case is the football manager 2009 which i used to run without any problems in my old pc and now it keeps asking for various dll's and when i place them in the correct file the game says that it failed and it has to shut down....
so my questions are the following:
What could cause the installation of windows 7 and Vista fail almost every time?
What causes almost every application to shut down and make me report it to microsoft?
Why a game tha used to work fine now asks me for additional dll's?
Is it a hardware fail and if so which part could be causing all this?

4gb ram geil 2133(didn't have a choice)
asus p7p55D Evo
asus GTX 260
Samsung 1T Spinpoint f3
chieftec 850W
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  1. Did you buy this or build it. Where did you buy it from if so, did you get a warranty? Sounds like you need to put it in use if you are getting BSOD(blue screen of death).
  2. I ordered it piece by piece and had it assembled by the store. It has a warranty but i don;t trust the service at that store that much and i would like to locate the problem before giving them the permission to start changing everything inside my pc. This is why i posted here. to learn if one or two specific parts can cause these Blue Screens.
  3. Running Memtest86+ from a bootable CD would be a good first step since you can't get Windows to load.
  4. rodney_ws said:
    Running Memtest86+ from a bootable CD would be a good first step since you can't get Windows to load.


    BSOD's are very often caused by RAM problems. You should manually set your RAM to the manufacturer's specs in the BIOS. In this case that would be 2133MHz with 9-9-9 timings at 1.65v.
  5. might be a faulty hdd too
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