Need help for upgrade motherboard

I have a P4 hyper treading 3.0ghz
I have 4G 800mhz ram from corsair
I have 5750 1G from XFX pic x16 2.1
I have 1 TB seagate sata 2 Hard disc
what is the best suggestion for the motherboard?
Changing of mother board is because my old MB,d915GEV,PCI express x16 1.0, CANT BE USE FOR MY graphics card...
Or do i need to change a new set of motherboard with a brand new processor?
I have a tight budget, so give some suggestion which dun need to spent so much money.
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  1. I suggest you sell your components separately and start over. Your video card should work with most pci-e boards; 478 boards with pci-e are relatively rare; if your asus doesn't work, it may be due to your power supply or a software conflict. I wouldn't spend any more money on 478 or ddr. Best bang for your buck is 775 with closeout ddr2; you can find some 2x1 gb ddr2 kits for around $30 used if you look around; g31 boards are cheap for 775 cpus. I use both am2 and 775 for my systems. But don't pay full price; if you do, might as well go with socket 1156 and ddr3 for a long term solution.
  2. My mobo is LGA 775,
    DDR2 also
    Come with PCI x16 1.0
    but it cant support the pci x16 2.1 video card -.-
  3. Your ram is the key; you can order much newer boards with pc6400 that support pci-e 2.1. If your ram speed is pc5300 or less, you may not find any newer chipsets that support pci-e 2.1. Next time do more research before ordering your video card, and be sure the power supply supports it.
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