PLS help me chose between 3 rams {For Gaming Pc}

Will I want to buy a nice new pc...


i7 980x cpu :)


a new gaming pc , but.....

I dont know what Ram should I chose 4 gaming :pt1cable: .........

I have seen many nice good Ram and I can't chose one....

Pls pls help me chose 4 the best price value and good 4 gaming :ange:

well here is the Rams link :

1-This one is ddr3 12gb with 1600mhz:

2-This one is ddr3 6gb with 2000mhz and really nice price:

3-And last is ddr3 8gb with 2200mhz but this one is high price :

Thank you 4 reading ^_^
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  1. Well, you'd have to pick either option one or two because option three is dual-channel memory, Core i7 900s need triple channel. You might as well get the 6GB kit, it's faster, but marginally IMO, and you'd be saving money because you don't need 12GB of RAM for a gaming machine. The difference in speed between 1066MHz and 2000MHz isn't really noticeable.

    Option 2.
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