How long does an RMA take?

I fried out my PSU and i THINK it might have friend my other parts, how long does it take to RMA the item and to reciew a replacement from

Corsair Memory, and Asus, XFX, and Intel
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  1. My experience with RAM's (Tagan & MSI) took about three weeks total from shipping out till I received them back.
  2. btw, tecmo, do you have a bigger photo of your siggy? Of your antec case, seems like you have some nice cable managment i'd be willing to copy ;D
  3. only rma's i've done are newegg and it only took under a week to get new parts in my hand
  4. The only real way to look at times for an RMA would be to consider:
    * who you are dealing with - they may have a policy defining time frames
    * how long shipping to and from you will be - they may process an RMA in a day but it takes 4 weeks in the mail....who knows, check the distances!
    * does the policy define sending your product to manufacturer or not? that would mean more time as well

    Look into those points and you will be able to get a realistic for you and your situation time frame estimate.
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