Free Desktop Computers and Laptops?

Recently a I came across a site in which they claim to give away free
desktop computers and laptops.

They claim that you only have to fill out One promotional survey per
month and put up with SPAM and advertisements. The only out-of-pocket
expense is a processing charge.

These systems are really quite good and the specs look comparable to
many namebrand systems like Dell and Compaq.

I have reviewed the full terms and agreements and it looks like a
pretty good deal, worst case scenario it looks like you would be out
your processing fee and would have to return the system, but as always
buyer beware.

I have recently put in an order for one of the laptops, but it will
not arrive for about a month, so I guess I will just have to see.

Check the following link for more info...
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  1. laptop eh?...that sounds sweet, especially considering i am looking into one in the near future...just for the mobility of it all...
    i sure hope that it isnt a scam...


    -Vacuums suck...really...-
  2. I'd be partcularly careful if you're considering it.

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  3. You also have to give the computer back after your two year term, or pay for the full price of it when it was new. Not a good deal in my opinion. especially since you violate you license agreement by just opening the case or by formatting your hard drive.

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  4. That would suck. We are people in a tech forum, after all.

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  5. yeah, i figured that i probably wont get that..
    it sounded good, but then i read the fine print, and found out about the return thing...
    not that great of a deal...
    and voiding the warranty by formatting the drive?????that is TOTAL BS!!!!!!!
    if something goes wrong, then what the hell are you supposed to do, use it as a $2,000 paperweight?
    i think that this could be good for someone, like people who dont do much with the computer, or would just be using it to browse the internet, or to make some good ol' text files!
    they sure did sell out fast tho, they had 111 of the high end ones last night, and this morning, when i woke up, there was about 0 left...
    so i guess a bunch of people might become quite dissapointed..
    but oh well.


    -Vacuums suck...really...-
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