Display the time on the Metro Start screen?

Over the years, I've become addicted to checking the time by glancing at the notification area of the Windows task bar.

I know the time pops up when you activate the "charms," but is there some way to have the time onscreen at all times? I realize Metro is all about full-screen apps, but maybe take just a little onscreen real estate in a corner to translucently display the time?

Barring that, I assume there will be (are already?) Metro clock apps that can at least display the time in an app box on the Start screen?

It's such a small feature to lose, but I really miss the clock! :pt1cable:
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  1. I think this is a perfect opportunity for MSFT to insert a clock in the top right corner like on Windows Phone.
  2. I agree. I miss the clock too :cry: I'm out hunting for the clock.
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