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HelloI recently installed a new router modem from AT&T..I had to update my wireless card to recognize the new modem..Now my trusty old Compaq nx9010 can't find the new wirelss card. I installed it correctly. I am lost on this one, it will not show any wirelss connections at all.
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  1. Did you install drivers? What kind of card is it? What version of windows are you running?
  2. I did install the proper drivers, I am using windows XP pro, the card I installed is an HP 802 11B. There is a switch on the front of the computer to turn on wirelsss, but it is not lighting up when I press it.
  3. have you opened Network connections and ENABLED the card?

    Install NETSTUMBLER. If you then run it and it says no wireless card then you know where to start - in your computer.
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