Lowjack's WC Build Log

I started this build using a RASA 750 RS 240 Kit and a Lian-Li K58W case..

As you can see I had to cut the top out for the radiator to fit

The plumbing inside the Lian-Li case

So, I purchased a Cooler Master CM 690 II Advanced, as it was more condusive for my needs as you will see

Then after some serious thought I shortened the loop by 22"and changed some wires

Current Specs.


AMD X4 965 BE C3--->24/7 --- 4.3 GHz @ 1.54v 100 % load temp 38c with a delta temp of 26c
2x4GB G.Skill 1600 7-9-8-24-40-1T
X-Fire vanilla 6870's
120 GB Patriot Pyro SATA III
Kingwin Lazer Gold 550-watt PSU
CM 690 II Advanced
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  1. NICE!
  2. Thx...muffin...I am getting some angeled fittings to eliminate those bends. I wish had more pix from unboxing to finished project...But again thx....I still wish you had your blueberry muffin avatar...lol
  3. lowjack989 said:
    Thx...muffin...I am getting some angeled fittings to eliminate those bends. I wish had more pic from unboxing to finished project...But again thx....I still wish you had your blueberry muffin avatar...lol

    Do you want me to change it that bad? :ange:
  4. How's this? :D
  5. Mmmmmmm my favorite...Makes a cupcake look like a booger...LMAO
  6. well done!
  7. Plumbing after shortening of loop

    The Finished project

  8. Heres an old workhorse getting ready to recieve this H60 I got laying around...Its an old X4 940 BE -- 3.6 GHz @ 1.46v with a 4870....This is a hot running beast...It ought to challenge that H60...LOL...BTW...That case is 8 years old...lol

  9. Having seen a closer pic of things,

    Why are your Cpu mounting bolts the 'wrong' way?
    and you set the loop to feed the rad before cooling the Cpu, intentional?
    I understand the logic, sending cooler water to the Cpu, just unusual to see it in practice :P
    Spray up that white optic drive and a nice windowmod will show off all your hard work mate :)

    I'm not commenting on the Warhorse till you've done it :P
  10. 1.) The bolt thing was my improvisation....I did it by ear so a lot of guess work...It works well though..I had no instructions. Please explain the proper bolt down method..moto

    2.) I figured the h2o should be cooled before contacting the CPU block...My 100% load temps are 38c so it works

    3.) Gotta get some paint...lol
  11. Heres the OCing log pix

    I just realized I should have started another thread for the OC log, sorry bout that
  12. Yeargh! wall of pictures hehe, I can't go over those as I'm ghetting ready for work dude,
    the bolt thing though, the screwhead part should (at least from my logic P.o.v.)
    have been fed through the rear of the mobo,
    like this

    so when you need to remove the block, you just unscrew the knurled nuts and the block slides off the bolts but they stay mounted to the Mobo
    I think you also have the screw nut thing the wrong way around,**Edit, although the spring may sit it there nicely, am I right?**
    I mounted the small bit towards the block when I used the intel fittings for my fan mod, seems the 'right' way to me,

    all picky I guess as your stuff is held on ok, but if you rebuild at any time I would swap the bolts round :P
    loop order is largely considered irrelevant these days but as I said, its just uncommon to see a pump>rad set up, wasn't knocking it hehe :)
  13. I don't see it moto...I must just be blind
  14. See the silver brackets above and below the fan motor? Notice the way it looks at the end/top,
    Scroll back up to your rad close-up pic, your has a little bobble, thats the wrong way round imo,
  15. I see, Ok got ya, thanks for the tip, mate
  16. Just purchased an RX240 Radiator...waiting on it to arrive....gonna try to shoehorn the RS240 into the bottom, and put the RX240 at the top...Next on the list is a Raystorm block
  17. Are you adding GPUs to the loop since you are adding the extra rad?
  18. The blocks are crazy expensive ...Yeah I will be getting two full coverage blocks from EK probably....gonna do it piece by piece....unless you know where I can get two GPU blocks for under $150 for both....I am not gonna put it together until I do get the GPU blocks..So I got about 3 weeks before I accrue all the pieces
  19. Universal blocks + RAMsinks. :)
  20. Ramsinks? Where do you get those? Which universal block do you suggest...as a universal block is for sure the better option as I will be upgrading GPU's,CPU, and MOBO shortly
  21. I suggest Swiftech MCW universal blocks- I've used the same MCW60's for 6 different sets of cards: 6800GT, 7800GTX, 8800GTS 640, 9800GTX, GTX 260 and GTX 560Ti. I've only needed to buy 2 different sets of brackets...between $6-$9 each for different cooler mount spacing (GT200 and GTX560). Current gen of MCW is the MCW82 block, and all MCW blocks are compatible with all mounting hardware from MCW60/80/82.

    As for RAMsinks, I've used some Zalman ones for several years, but you can find them on most performance/modding sites.

    http://www.frozencpu.com/products/3285/ram-21/Zalman_ZM-RHS1_VGA_RAM_Heat_Sinks.html?tl=g40c18s236 <- these are the ones I've used for years

    You might also want some thermal adhesive to attach those as the sticky pads often don't stick well. The thermal pads from the stock cooler leave a somewhat greasy film that is very hard to get off, but if you can, they should stick well at least once. I've used thermal adhesive for the last 3-4 installs, but you only want to use as little as possible so they can also be removed. Thermal adhesive is pretty strong stuff, so use sparingly. Super glue (also used sparingly) can be used in a pinch.

  22. Cool deal Rubix, I'm on it....
  23. NP, I think the biggest fear people have with uni's is not knowing how to correctly cool vRAM and VRMs on the card. There is a section in the watercooling sticky that discusses this. Let us know if you have any questions.

    BTW...love my MCW60's...I would run full cover, but then I think of how much cash I've saved over the past ................7-8 years???
  24. Hey moto I got it installed correctly now...Thanks again for the tip mate

  25. No probs man, that will make re-pasting or swapping out your Cpu or block a great deal easier for you
  26. Installed some new Mushkin Redline true CAS7 1600 RAM...Just couldn't squeeze my other rad. into the bottom due to the PSU connectors...Oh well gotta get the fittings and GPU block anyways so ..to be continued:

  27. @moto--->Those are my door fan wires on the left it was running while I snapped the photos I know you like it neat,lol
  28. @ lowjack - nice build log there

    word of caution - might wanna ease off the EK blocks :) go with heatkillers since they are 6870's :D - you'll thank me later...though they are expensive.
  29. @Lowjack, getting there man, the hoses look neater now :)
  30. @Lutfij-->Thx, mate working on it....Gonna go with Swiftech Universal blocks and RAM sinks on the GPU's..Way cheaper and upgrade friendly than the full cover blocks

    @rubix-->thx for the tip on the universal GPU block

    @moto-->I've become highly OCD about this rig, even more so than any other one that I have ever built
  31. Thats how it begins......
  32. Motopsychojdn said:
    Thats how it begins......

    when modo is your jedi master training you :P
  33. Oh well, RMA'ing the Mushkin RAM...errors in the first 1%...This sux...Back to the old trusty G.Skill Sniper Revision 1's...The ones without the stupid Heatspreader design...CAS 7-9-8-24-40-1T @ 1.6v
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