Looking for small, simple PC case (for a woman)

Hey everyone,

At the risk of provoking some bad jokes--I am looking for a PC case that would be somewhat attractive to a typical woman.

I'm looking for something simple and classy--it will be sitting under an open mahogany Crate & Barrel desk--if that helps with the scene(or maybe become a HTPC). I'm not looking for pink, but tasteful color might be a plus (especially green). Basically I need a small case that doesn't look like a glow in the dark terminator robot or a server rack.

Price range-under $100.
Size: Smaller is better, but big enough to fit this used G31-M7 TE motherboard and a standard PSU.
Airflowis not important. It will be running a Core2Duo and a minimal graphics card.

The best looking options I've managed to find so far are from Auzentech: (although I would prefer a slightly classier look than this)

I wont be undertaking this project for at least a few months--so I'm not going to best answer/close the thread right away. I'm just trying to get an idea of my options and see what ideas others have.

Thanks in advance.
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    masterasia said:

    The p180 looks great for a general appeal to women or anyone actually.

    You could always try going for the woman's particular color.

    I don't particularly trust IN WIN's build quality (then again that was like 2+ years ago since I have seen one anywhere).
  2. Thanks both of you.

    The p180 comes in colors? If so that might be a contender.

    The IN WIN is kind of ugly.. The floral print ruins what would otherwise be an interesting case. I looked around on their website and most of their interesting models seem to come with mini atx power--something I'd like to avoid if at all possible. (also their website is horrible--not a great sign for a tech manufacturer)
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