Intel pentium 4 3.0GHZ running at 1.5GHZ

Ok now I have a problem.......... The motherboard that I am using is a:

Dell Corp.
Model 0F5949
P/N: 411726100004
Chipset i845GV

The processor that as in this was a Celeron 2.4GHZ I am now running a Intel Pentium 4 3GHZ proessor 512/800.

The problem is is that my processor is only running at half speed. I am running a program that is called PCWizard that idintifies everything in my PC out of 3000mhz its only at around 1500. How is that????

I have my hyper-theard on and it didnt shange anything...... I bought a heatsink along with a differant case to try and keep the heat down.

Here is the question.... How can I get my processor to run at full?????

I have looked at everything but messing with the jumps and such. If you have anything that might help me I would be greatful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  1. sounds like speedstep is enabled in bios look for speedstep or EIST in your bios. Download CPU-Z and put cpu under a load should jump up to full speed when its under load.
  2. I can jump it in the PC Wizard that I am using. I am going to redo the test riht now so i can write exactly want is on the screen temp and all.

    Well the test was for system stability... the processor runs at 100% for a while but then declines to about 85% and jumps again up to 100%. It is so confusing.

    WOW i noticed that after running the test for about 5 min the temp jumped to around 87F that retarded. Could that be the problem why it is running at half speed or is it the 400mhz bus??? Maybe both???
  3. 87F or 87C if its 87C the Cpu might throttle down to avoid cooking itself
  4. ok umm I found your problem The i845gv chipset does not support anthing faster then a pentium 4 2.8ghz with 512 cache and a 533 fsb. That is what your problem is.
  5. Well then I guess that I am going to put the Celeron 2.4 back in until I got a new mobo. Thanks for the help with that. Back to the drawing boad sort if speak.
  6. Now if I leave this processor in what is that going to do to my computer speed??? Is it going to limit to where it is pointless to leave in or would it be a better idea to leave it in??
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