New build getting cpu fan error on boot

I built my first computer a little over a month ago, and every time i boot up, i get a cpu fan error. but if i ignore it, everything is fine. temperature is normal and nothing is slow or anything, so i think theres just something weird somewhere.

i have an i7 920, asus p6t mobo, and scythe mugen 2 cooler. my case is the coolermaster 690. i can't think of any other parts that might be important.

if anyone knows wwhy this error is happening, i'd appreciate it.

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  1. What kind of alert is this?
    * is this motherboard beep alert or software, if software check for any more detail there
    * what are you using to monitor temps?

    I might try unplug and plug fans back in...but I would look more into why and what the error is first.
  2. it comes up before windows starts loading. i guess the bios checks or something, but idk. i don't have to enter the bios for it to give me the error.

    i have never heard the motherboard beep from it, but then again, i've never heard the motherboard beep at all, even when i was setting it up and it was supposed to beep.

    i use speedfan to monitor the temps and they are always high 30's or low 40's for the cpu.
  3. ok,
    well if it's in the bios then it should be motherboard supported as far as getting more info and direction

    have you tried ASUS for troubleshooting yet?
    you prob need to write down full error message so you can search there or send in request for support.
  4. did u plug the the fan into the right plug. there is a cpu specific fan plug
  5. beholderFixer said:
    did u plug the the fan into the right plug. there is a cpu specific fan plug


    The CPU fan header is named "CPU_FAN" on the motherboard. If you don't have any fans plugged into that header then you will get an error. Did you plug your CPU fan into a different header?
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