Intel i3 core 2.13G vs 2 duo 2.2G?

In terms of performance which one is better
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  1. no comparison i3 will crush a duo
  2. The Core 2 days are long over. Core i3, i5, and i7 have now taken the reigns.
  3. The i class processors are to core 2 what core 2 was to Pentium 4. Faster, cooler, and way more expensive.

    It'll all be obsolete by the time UPS get to your house anyway.
  4. i3 is 32nm so it will run a lot faster + cooler. Though, my wolfdale at 3.8 will crush the i3 at 2.13 :P lets not overclock the i3 plz.
  5. How many cores and threads does the i3 have?
  6. the i3 is a dual core with HT, so 2 cores, 4 threads.
  7. The i3 and C2D (and i5 and i7) have the same performance on single task at identical clock. Check SuperPi benchmarks: less than 5% difference.

    Power consumption has improved a bit, but less than I hoped.

    You may prefer a socket that has future and has upgrade capabilities.
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