E5300 ll bottleneck HD4870 ?

HI EVERY ONE .. I AM GOING TO BUY HD4870 in a day or so i wanna know ll it bottleneck this gpu ??

Saw benchmarks of E6300@ 2.8ghz with 260GTX it was a hug bottle neck for that card :S

any one have E5300 WITH HD4870 PLZ REPLY or any one who saw them and played game on that setup let me know abt the performance ...resolution i ll b playing 1280x1024

E5300@3.47ghz stock voltage n stock cooler
asus p5qlpro ...
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  1. It shouldn't be too bad if you keep your E5300 at that 3.47 Ghz. Buy the 4870 and then save for the E8400 to run at 4 Ghz but with a 1600 bus which is much faster than your 1066 bus.
  2. my board cant take E8XXX to 4ghz ...max to 400(p43ql pro )...i was thinkin to buy used Q6600 and overclocked it 2 3.2ghz that wont bottleneck any gpu i think .. ??now i just wana know abt E5300 @3.4ghz
  3. My 4850 bottlenecks my E8500 @ 3.8. The wolfdale is ~ 80% usage during most intense games such as fallout 3 and I can get kinda choppy at certain points. I do believe your 4870 would be bottlenecking, sir.
  4. A E6300 at 2.8GHz (same as a E5300 OCed to 2.8GHz) somewhat bottlenecks a 4890 in certain games according to Tom's balanced PC review.
    A 3.47GHz E5300 should have no problem with a 4870 or a 4890 for that matter.
  5. E5300@3.0GHZ =~ E6300@STOCK....

    any body played crysis @ 1280X1024 on E5300 WITH HD4870 ??
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    My E5300 OCed gets about the same benchmark scores as my E8400 @ stock 3.0GHz.

    I had a 9800GTX+ and E8400 and played Crysis on everything set to high or very high (Post-Processing set to high), AAx2, and got an average of 35fps.

    With a 4870, you'll probably get 40fps average with my settings, and more or less depending on how you tweak it.
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