Connect new SATA drive via external eSATA port

I just bought the Western Digital 1 TB Scorpio Blue SATA to replace a drive in my Toshiba Satellite laptop that has gotten full. I want to make an image of the existing drive on the Scorpio before installing it, so that I can have all my stuff there. I have an eSATA port and a USB port. Which should I use and what connectors do I need? Do I need to buy a box that the Scorpio goes into (since it's designed as an internal drive)?
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  1. Is your intention to put the new drive into the laptop? If it is then you don't really need a seperate enclosure just connect it with the cables , you would need an e-sata cable and a power cable. Don't know what you have on your laptop for external power but if your not able to power it up then you would have to get an external enclosure as that would come with what you need.
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