Is my Hard disk dying?

Since few days, my hard disk is driving me real crazy. Here're the problems i'm facing-
1. Upon pressing the power on button, it'll take 5-10 minutes to start the boot process.
2. Even if the boot process has started, the pc will just restart within a matter of seconds and gets stuck in this loop.
3. Pressing and holding the power button sometimes doesn't power off the pc.
4. Sometimes it'll just get stuck at the post screen and would just restart again.
5. The hard disk doesn't seem spinning when i power on my pc. I can tell by the fact that there's no sound from it. Not even any minute one.
6. The hard disk led will keep glowing constantly at insane brightness.
7. As i said pc will hang off at any instant and after that there's no way out than to wait for it to restart cause it doesn't respond to restart or power off button.
8. My graphic card and smps are fairly new, bought just few days ago and both worked just fine. So don't think that those could be culprit considering the fact that my hard disk is almost a or couple of year old and it made very much audible whirring sound.
10. The disk when being powered on makes another kind of sound as if the spinning motion gets considerably below and again it try to pick up.
11. Windows started to give lots of errors when chkdsk was run but only on system drive not on other drives (partitions).

So, after reading all these points do you think if my hard disk is in its last stage or something else is wrong?
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  1. Forgot to mention one another point- sometimes my hard disk doesn't get detected by the bios. After 3-4 restarts it gets detected.
  2. Anyone? Please?
  3. Bump. :(
  4. It seems to me that it's dying. But I'm not 100% sure. If you can in fact get back into Windows you might want to try downloading something that will analyze it to see if it's dying. But, it does sound like it's dying.

    Another thing to try is taking the drive out, if you have the know-how and hooking it up to another PC and seeing if it will read/write from it okay.
  5. Hard drives are inexpensive enough that if you think it is dying, replace it now.
  6. Well it stills giving its last screams. Buy other hard drive and save the data while you can, or you will lose everything on it.
  7. You say pressing and holding the power button sometimes doesn't power off the PC. That doesn't sound like a HDD problem, but many of the other symptoms do. If you can still get into Windows, you could download a diagnostic tool like HD Tune and post a screenshot of the S.M.A.R.T data here.
  8. Thanks you guys for your replies.
    Well, now it barely boots. It gets into the that dreaded restart loop anywhere in between the POST and Starting windows screen. Even when i try to boot from an optical disk it restarts randomly.
    And yeah harddisks are inexpensive these days, i recently bought a 560ti and a cabinet so lose on pocket now.
    I'd check it in another pc either tonight or tomorrow.
    And oh yeah if it provides any light on the topic, i had to open disk management for some reason and there the disk was shown 'Healthy'.
  9. Booting from an optical disk should not be affected by a dying HDD.

    What is the wattage of your current PSU? If you upgraded your GPU and you don't have enough power available on your PSU some of the symptoms could occur if the components aren't getting enough power. Try a different power supply perhaps.

    If you don't have another PSU try reducing the draw on the PSU by disconnecting unused things like the ODD and case gans, and using integrated graphics instead
  10. I'm using a newly purchased corsair CX500 V2 power supply and an asus 560ti. My setup worked fine for few days before the problem surfaced.
    Note 1- couple of days back while playing crysis warhead (with the side window of case open), the pc shutdown itself. But just once. Have i fried it?

    Note 2- tried to start the pc again now. I've pressed the power on button, all fans including that of psu are moving. Optical drive's led is blinking. But hard disk's led hasn't showed up even once. And no beep sound suggesting the boot doesn't start. There's also no sound from the hard disk as if it isn't spinning.
    EDIT: Tried again with all peripherals like optical drive, graphic card, chassis fan removed and connecting the monitor to integrated graphic adapter but still no joy. No hard disk led light. No response from hdd.
    Also tried switching the sata cables and memory sticks to no avail.
  11. Ok now its getting more scary now. I switched on the pc and nothing happens. Only the fans spin and the optical drive's led lit.
    No POST, no beeps, no bios, no display, no nothing. Keyboard doesn't lit up (those caps, scroll and num lights).
    Is my motherboard dead? >.<
  12. Bump. This is driving me crazy. Is the motherboard dead or is it the hdd or both? Either way, i'm screwded.... :(
  13. You should definitely be getting a POST even with a dead HDD. I think that your motherboard might be the problem after all.
  14. What happens with the HHD disconnected and a boot CD.

    Slim change the HHD is pulling down the bus.
  15. Rainey said:
    What happens with the HHD disconnected and a boot CD.

    Slim change the HHD is pulling down the bus.

    Even with hdd disconnected and disc inserted in nothing happens. Just the fans spin.
    And i didn't get your second sentence.
  16. ukee1593 said:
    You should definitely be getting a POST even with a dead HDD. I think that your motherboard might be the problem after all.

    umm.. Where does the cpu fan draws its power from? The 4-pin ATX power connector or the socket where the fan's wire go into the motherboard?
  17. I tried once again by resetting the bios by removing the battery and with both the memory sticks removed in a hope to hear the memory error beeps but no success. So is this it? Is it the end of this motherboard? By the way its a gigabyte G31M ES2L rev 1.1 mb with Award bios F10.
    Thinking of doing a breadboard-ing tomorrow to confirm.
  18. Ok guys a little big update here.
    Verdict- The Corsair CX500 V2 PSU has been found to be guilty of malfunctioning and troubling the user. The PSU being under warranty is hereby issued to get RMA'ed and feed the hungry parts of the machine ASAP.
    The court is now adjourned.
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