DX11 worth another 300 - 400?

I recently built my computer around october and it was right before the 5xxx series were released and i have a 4870 currently. Im also a big crysis fan who wants dx11 for crysis but is it really necessary for the extra money? its either the 5850 or the 5870, i thought of crossfiring my 4870 with another one in CFX8 but is it worth it?

Rig :
Athlon ii X4 620 3.6Ghz Oc
XMS2 DDR2 800mhz
Biostar 790GX 128M
Sapphire 4870
Antec Earthwatts 650
Hyper 212+ Cpu cooler
Antec 902 Case
24" Viewsonic
Cheap Microsoft keyboard and Mouse

planning to get a 955 for sure
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  1. Wait for fermi , the price will drop a little and right now there is basicly no use of that dx11... it's only future proof for now.
  2. i heard that crysis 2 and bad company were going to have dx11
  3. I don't think you should upgrade to dx11 yet.

    dx11 vs dx9 benchmark : http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/dirt-2-performance-benchmark,2508-9.html

    there's a nice performance drop in dx11 mode. your 4870 should be enough for now.

    get the 955 first and wait to see fermi or wait for the HD6000.
  4. i think if u get a good deal or something then dx 11 is good as i think this will last a bit longer than dx 10 because before the launch of dx 10, there were talks about dx10.1 and dx11. but with the launch of dx 11, there is no talks of anything newer. thus there is a high chance that this will last a bit longer. and also win7 supports dx 11.
  5. wait for fermi, even if it sucked, it would at least pressure amd to lower prices with hype alone (and if it's good, sweet prices and CF 5870 here I come!!)
  6. Wait and see what NVIDIA does, wait and see what DX11 does, compare price/performance, then decide. At this point, right this second, no, its not worth the upgrade.
  7. DX11 isn't a valid reason to upgrade a video card. I would dare say it will be a year or more before there is more than a dozen DX11 games worth even having. If you had a terrible video card I would say why not but yours is fine.
  8. I agree, and mainly for this reason. The 4xxx series are hard to come by, and the longer you wait, the harder theyll be to find, and pricing could actually go up on them.
    If it turns out DX11 is killer in a few games, by that point, the nVidia and ATI solutions should be cheaper as said
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