420 budget for gaming rig please help.

Im planning to build a pc as budget performance as possible im an intel fan but i want to try amd also.

i have my new 19'' syncmaster widescreen but problem is i cant enjoy this monitor cos of my old pc

P4 3.4Ghz
PM8M-V msi
2ghz pc3200 400mhz
x1650 se ( not pro ) that a ***

please share me your opinions choosing pc parts!..

anyway havign a second thoughts just to upgrade my agp gpu

to 4670, 3850, 3650, 4650 AGP's

Budget upgrade?

new Rig?..
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  1. If you fill out the form in my sig, it will be easier to help you out. I doesn't look like upgrading is going to be an option in your case.
  2. ive read it!! thanks.. u didnt consider e5200? e7400 is just a 300mhz away.. i will not be overclocking anyway. =D
  3. dont bother with AGP/DDR1 and single core P4 rigs - too old

    time to get a new rig i suggest
  4. @jbakerlent.. Your sig is empty!!
    I'll make a list and respond..
  5. 4670 or 4650, though starting from scratch is much more recommended.
  6. Thanks sykes, looks like I somehow managed to un-check the "Apply Signature" option box...
    Here's the link I was talking about:
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