Favourite gaming video card under $70 and why?

I tried to pick as many as I could but I did add "other" just in case there was something I missed.
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  1. I'll go with the 4670. It seems a good balance of tech, performance, heat, and price. 4650 though is great if you don't really do much gaming, but might now and then (or like me need it for light CAD).
  2. Being an Nvidia fan, I would go with a 220GT. Its a descent card, and being a low power 40nm gpu, it consumes next to no power, which means it can run on a system that has an old weak PSU, also produces very little heat, which means it does well in cases that are not well ventilated (mainstream dell, HP...). If u are an ati fan u might go for the 4650, I hear they are both close in performance.
  3. i bought a 6 week old 4870 toxic for $60 a while ago
  4. Yeah, hard to argue with that deal.
  5. HD 4670 (new) relatively low power consumption and does pretty will in games.
  6. 9600gt can be found around 70$.


    out of those 4670.
  7. The 4670 is pretty similar in terms of performance compared to the other cards. However it has one amazing distinction.

    It is the BEST graphics card you can get currently that does not need a dedicated power connector.

    It's around a 9600GT/GSO's performance, both of which need the power connector.
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