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Hello everyone! I am planning on building a new computer around February 2010. I have never had the luxury of owning a "Gaming Rig", and I am quite excited to make my first official build a "Gaming" build. I'll start off by saying that a portion of this build is strictly geared towards appearance. This may mean that there is a potentially better piece of hardware than what I plan to use, however, as I plan on using the Antec 1200 with the clear panel, I want things to be color coded. Staying true with the blue led theme, I want the entire system to be comprised of mainly black, with blue and silver/chrome/gray being options as well. With this color scheme in mind, this is what I am initially looking at.


Antec 1200


Antec TruePower 750W



These parts are the ones that I am 99.9% certain I want to get. The P55 MOBO just looks awesome to me, and the red EVGA led in the center of the board (which is the only red I want to see in the entire build) looks kinda like the heart of the machine as it pulses on and off.

When it comes to the GPU, I am having some issues. I am partial to NVIDIA, yet most of the GTX cards are covered with splashes of red. I do not want this. If there are going to be offset colors to black, then I would like them to be blue. This leads me into a side question. If I got a GTX card that had that extremely noticable red part attached to the top of the card, could I just take a black permanent marker, and color over it?

How much parts drop over the next 4 months will make a huge decision in the final build. Any suggestions are encouraged and welcomed. As of now, the CPU I am looking at is the i7-860 2.8GHz 1156, and probably Corsair Dominator DDR3 1600 2x2GB
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  1. How about blue ? I've got a blue theme going on in my rig, I have a blue Gigabyte board, case fans with blue LED and a NZXT case with a clear side panel. It looks wonderful :D

    As for the rest of the build, come back at like the end of january. 4 months is a long time and a lot will change.
  2. Why don't go get a CoolerMaster HAF 932 case and some Corsair Dominator GTs and go for a Black and Red theme? It would look awesome, but you should paint the inside of that HAF 932 black if you decide to get it.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions. I am kinda dead set on the antec 1200 case and the evga P55 MOBO. Initially I was going to go with the P55 LE, but I want the option to SLI, should I decide to in the future.

    About the GFX card question, could I color over the red with a permanent marker, or would it not work?

    I have a buddy who has a black and red theme. It looks.. ok. I'm sure others would think it is sick, but I am really looking for the black and blue. Let me refraise, I am looking for black. Blue is an acceptable addition. My reasoning for this? Aside from the fact that I think black parts and blue leds looks awesome, the led on my center speaker is blue, the leds on my router are blue, my monitor, keyboard, mouse, and speakers are black. Call me picky, but its what I want. As I said in my originial post, I understand that I may have to suffer in quality or performance to get these results. I'm sure many people could think of better cases and MOBOS, but this is what I want.
  4. Try taking apart the glowing E on the motherboard to see if you can switch out the red components and make it blue.
  5. If you like the the 1200 and dont need the large case for raid HDDs there are a couple options. The Antec 902 looks basically identical to the 1200 but is a bit smaller and cheaper. The Antec 900 has the frame but the top is angled giving the case a less boxy look.

    You will need to review graphics cards in february. At least 4-6 new models should be out by then.
  6. Thanks for the suggestion on the Antec 902. I looked at it, and though it does resemble the 1200, I think I am gonna stick with the 1200. As of right now, the Antec 1200 and the EVGA P55 motherboard are the two components that will NOT change in my build. The other components will largely depend on the price they are in 4 months.
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