INTEL C2D E4600 overheating problem

Greetings everyone..............

Two days ago my CPU temp reached at full load {gaming} 60~65 c is it risky or not ??

Idle at 40~c
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  1. its normal but if you are really worried then get an aftermarket cooler
  2. Thanks for your help ,................

    But will this temp damage my CPU?
  3. Damage, no. Might not live for 9 years, but do you really want it to? 70s would be uncomfortable and dangerous 80+. If they continue to creep up, you may have a fan starting to go. So, as up said, aftermarket HSF.
  4. 65 C is okay, it's hot but not too hot. Try Artic Pro 7 Freezer cooler.
  5. Ok i'm very thankful for you guys :-)

    now i have a huge fan which keeps my CPU 45~50 c under full load :-)
  6. Just as a comparison...I recently oc'd my e4600 from to 3.0ghz (250 x 12) and I see temps around of 51-54c under full load (stress test with 100% utilization of both cores.) I have a basic Antec solution midtower with a single 120mm exhaust fan and I am using the intel stock HSF. Nothing special about the setup other than really neat wire managment:)
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