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Im building a new computer and Im not sure what DDR3 - Dual Channel Ram to get

I was looking at list and there were many options from latency to voltage. I read the Toms guide to value DDR3 but am still a little confused, I understand to aim for 1333 or 1600 but what about voltage and latency?

My system is primarily for being a home theatre so low voltage sounded nice (to reduce power..therefore noise) but i dont know how power power consumption the RAM adds in comparison to the rest of the system.
i do plan to game with my computer too (Supreme Commander 2, Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age) but I still just want something at decent value, price/power/perforance

The planned system is a i5-750, with a GeForce GT 250.

Does anyone have any recommendations? I use new egg as a note and Ill be buying within a week probably.
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  1. Here are the RAM's I would look at purchasing.... DDR3 1600 4GB (2x2GB) Cas7 - Best of Both Worlds :)
  2. Did you check out the article: LGA 1156 Memory Performance: What Speed DDR3 Should You Buy?

    It may help as you evaluate your price/performance value. Also, be aware that if you're not going to OC or make other trade offs with your CPU, you can't run RAM at 1600 MHz. There can still be good reasons to get 1600 MHz RAM - biggest one being is that for whatever reason often you'll find 1600 MHz RAM that is cheaper or the same price as the same model's 1333 MHz version. In that case, you're getting something for nothing so why not.
  3. yeah i saw that article and i understood to go 1333 or higher speed. i didnt previously understand that 7-7-7-20 meant 7ms latency so there are diminishing returns after 1333 with 7ms

    What about voltage... if i use this 1.35V RAM
    will there be any down sides to it? is it an overclocking thing?
  4. Those should be great sticks. I'm not aware of any downsides. Low voltage typically indicates higher quality RAM. It's a lot easier to make the RAM faster by pumping more V into it. So if one set of sticks can hit 1333 CL7 using 1.35V and another set can do the same with 1.5V, than the first set of RAM will be higher quality. Also the higher V RAM will produce more heat and thus might require heatsinks - which some companies throw on whether its needed or not for the 'bling' factor and often times those cool looking heatsinks actually inhibit the dispersion of heat.

    The results from the article on Value DDR3 that you mentioned is a good example of this. Crashman confirmed in another thread that (for OCing value) the winning Corsairs and the 3rd place Patriots were the same RAM, and the Corsair likely was able to run better because it needed less V so was cooler. "Why would it run cooler with no sinks? Probably because the thermal tape used to attach the sinks [on the Patriots] HINDERS heat transfer more than the sinks can help."
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