Can anyone tell me if there is such a thing as having to big a psu in my computer??
Thanks :sol:
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  1. yeah but the usually just hurts your wallet than hurting your computer
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    No. There isn't. PSUs supply as much power as the computer needs to a limit. There is no way a larger PSU will be detrimental to the system. It won't even cause the system to draw more power than it would with a smaller unit.

    Please don't name your thread "help" though. Obviously you need help, use the title to tell us what with. eg "General PSU question" or "PSU too big". It tells us the topic and allows us to see what the thread is about so the person who is knowledgeable in that particular area will click on the thread.
  3. Great, thanks.Wasn't quit sure just how to list. Your suggestion on listing makes sense
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